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Tailored for Perfection

With over 40 years of specialized maze design expertise, our team at Adrian Fisher Design has captivated a global clientele with our unique and exceptional designs. Known for our commitment to quality and high standards, we have set nine world records and won multiple gold medals.

We ensure every client receives a memorable and visually stunning experience, perfectly suited to the setting. Our sophisticated mazes are crafted to augment the luxury and charm of exclusive environments.

Each project we undertake is a unique interpretation of our client's vision, creatively designed to maximize the potential of the location. We ensure meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful design, delivering iconic, high-quality mazes that transcend ordinary expectations.

To begin crafting your extraordinary maze experience, contact us today, or submit a project information request form.

A beautiful hedge maze with a central tower at its goal set amidst a backdrop of the grounds of a country estate.
Viscount Paul de la Panouse
For the maze design, we had wishes and a scenario that were difficult to reconcile. Adrian made all our wishes come true. 

It is with pleasure and gratitude that I recommend Adrian Fisher as the world's best maze designer.

Viscount Paul de la Panouse, Chateau de Thoiry

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