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Sculpting Public Landmarks

For over four decades, Adrian Fisher and his team have been at the forefront of designing mazes that transform public spaces into iconic landmarks, capturing global imagination. Our work includes prestigious installations like The Jewel at Singapore Changi International Airport, and our work is renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional standards.

We specialize in turning public areas into engaging landmarks that are more than visually appealing—they become vital parts of community life. Our mazes, such as those at Changi, are not only art pieces but also interactive experiences that connect and inspire local communities and visitors from all over the world.

Every project reflects the unique spirit and culture of its location, ensuring our designs are both functional and striking. With our commitment to excellence, we craft iconic public mazes that exemplify innovative design and enhance public engagement.

The Maze Tower in Dubai, UAE where the outside of the building, designed by Adrian Fisher Design, is the world's tallest maze .
The Hedge Maze at The Jewel at Changi Airport, Singapore, designed by Adrian Fisher Design and showing the maze and the lookout tower at the maze's goal.

Hedge Mazes for Visitor Attractrions

Hedge mazes, which evolved from the intricate knot gardens of Renaissance Europe, were originally crafted not to bewilder, but to provide a unicursal walking path through lush landscapes. By the eighteenth century, these puzzle-like hedge mazes began to offer both amusement and aesthetic pleasure, historically gracing the gardens of the world’s most prestigious palaces and captivating audiences in popular culture through stories like "Alice in Wonderland" and "Harry Potter."

Our hedge mazes present a modern twist on the traditional hedge maze. They are versatile enough to be installed in virtually any public space, from the expansive parks and refined gardens to unique indoor settings such as international airports, like the notable example at The Jewel at Singapore Changi International Airport.


Each maze is a fully immersive, high-capacity attraction, thoughtfully designed with interactive elements such as fountains, waterfalls, towers, bridges, tunnels, and grottoes, creating a multi-sensory experience that enchants visitors of all ages.

Mirror Mazes

Dive into a world of illusion with our mirror mazes, where lights, sound effects, and engaging storylines amplify each area to appear six times larger than its actual size. Reflecting walls create a labyrinth of impossible passages and endless choices, captivating adventurers of all ages—from young children to grandparents.

Our mirror maze adventures feature an animatronic pre-show, bewildering chambers, vertiginous drops, disorienting tunnels, and a journey through the void of space.

Adrian Fisher Design Ltd is globally recognized as the premier creator of mirror mazes. We transform this classic attraction into a modern, state-of-the-art experience, building half of the world’s new mirror mazes each year and continually innovating in the realm of reflective labyrinths.

An image of the inside of a mirror maze that has decorated arches in purple, blue and green, and what appears to be a very long corridor.
The yellow submarine that was the centrepiece of The Beatles Maze that won two gold medals for Adrian Fisher Design at the International Garden Festival in Liverpool in 1984.

Water Mazes

Water transforms landscapes into captivating experiences, merging the intrigue of mazes with dynamic water elements. Our water mazes, including innovative fountain mazes with jets creating moving paths, are custom-designed to offer diverse and interactive experiences.


A notable example is The Beatles Maze at the 1984 Liverpool International Garden Festival, which featured a submarine-shaped pool with pathways and welcomed over one million visitors in seven months. This maze, highlighted by a unique yellow submarine built by apprentices, was opened by Her Majesty The Queen and won two gold medals, showcasing the impact and popularity of water-infused maze designs.

Paving Mazes

Mazes crafted in two dimensions as paving provide both a visually appealing and interactive experience. These ground-level designs, visible from elevated viewpoints, enhance spaces without vertical barriers, fostering informal enjoyment and open views of the surroundings.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, our paved mazes and labyrinths invigorate atriums, concourses, and courtyards. We use contrasting colors of marble, stone, brick, or tiles to give each design a distinct character.

Adrian Fisher has also innovated the "Path in Grass" technique, replacing traditional turf paths with durable stone or brick, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

"Adrian Fisher built the Archbishop's Maze at Greys Court in 1981. He would not say the same, but I think it is his masterpiece. Never before or after I walked a labyrinth, where my soul and body moved in such a harmony"


Gernot Candolini, Austrian author of various books on Labyrinths

A "Path in Grass" labyrinth designed by Adrian Fisher Design.
The Loucen "Light Maze" at night, lit up by the lights that form the mazes borders and paths.

Other Mazes

We design a variety of other mazes that captivate and challenge.


Our light mazes are intricate and radiant, transforming spaces with interactive, light-filled pathways that enchant visitors of all ages. We also create durable, visually appealing tile mazes and tessalations that enhance both public and private spaces with their beautiful patterns and lasting designs.

Additionally, we pioneered the world's first Maize Maze in 1993, a concept that has since evolved into expansive challenges through towering cornfields. Our innovative work in maize mazes has set six Guinness World Records, pushing the boundaries of traditional maze design.

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