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Mazes in the Spotlight: Special Events and Media Features

Adrian Fisher Design is renowned not just for permanent installations, but also for creating extraordinary mazes for one-off events, including film, television productions, and prestigious events. Our mazes have graced screens large and small, providing captivating backdrops that enhance the storytelling experience. A notable example is the intricate maze designed for the movie filmed in Saltburn, which played a pivotal role in the film’s visual and narrative structure. Another highlight is the Anya Hindmarch Postbox Maze at London Fashion Week 2019, which added a unique and stylish element to the prestigious event.


These special projects allow us to apply our maze-designing expertise in unique and temporary settings, making each occasion unforgettable. Whether transforming a scene in a movie, crafting an immersive experience for a television show, or setting up a temporary installation for a special event, our mazes are designed to intrigue, entertain, and inspire audiences worldwide.


By integrating our bespoke mazes into various media and events, we offer viewers and attendeess a chance to engage with our work in diverse and unexpected environments, showcasing the versatility and artistic appeal of Adrian Fisher Design's work.

A top down view of the maze designed by Adrian Fisher Design that was used in the 2023 film Saltburn, which played an important part in the plot.
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Interior Tiling Designs & Geomitica Art​

Adrian Fisher Design's expertise in tiling and tessellation extends beyond outdoor landscapes to enhance interior spaces with equally stunning designs. Our interior applications showcase the versatility of our geometric artistry, which we have aptly named Geomitica, bringing bespoke elegance to any room.


We work exclusively with the highest quality materials to ensure each project not only stands out but also embodies a unique charm. This includes the use of handmade Moroccan zelige tiles, celebrated for their vibrant colors and exceptional durability. These exquisite tiles elevate ordinary interiors into extraordinary settings, transforming each space into a visually appealing masterpiece of design.

Whether it’s for a grand entrance room, a feature wall, or an exquisite bathroom, our custom tiling and mosaic designs add a sophisticated touch of luxury, enhancing the aesthetic of any interior environment.

Innovative Designs in Artistic Landscapes

Maze design is not just a craft but an art form, bringing with it specific challenges and strengths. Adrian Fisher's expertise in maze design enables a unique perspective in creating both public and private art installations.

Drawing inspiration from the theme of 'waves' formed by successive lines of paths and barriers, our team creates impactful designs across diverse media, including print, ceramics, metalwork, and tapestry. His artistic influence extends to the external facades of buildings, where it manifests in both intricate tiling patterns and the structural forms themselves.

Our precise eye for geometry has led to the invention of various tessellations, tilings, and patterns, which are foundational to his works in vertical mosaic murals, stained glass, and horizontal decorative paving. These creations not only highlight the intricacies of color and form but also celebrate the distinct shapes within each pattern, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

A brick paving design by Adrian Fisher Design in the shape of a Tudor rose for a Tudor country house.
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