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Decorative Grounds

The maze as an art form brings particular creative constraints as well as strengths. Adrian's mastery of maze design gives him a unique approach when creating public and private art.

Inspired by the leitmotif of 'waves' of successive lines of paths and barriers, he creates powerful designs in print, ceramics, metalwork and tapestry, as well as the external facades of buildings, both as tiling patterns and even the entire structural form.

With his idiosyncratic eye for geometry, Adrian has invented a range of tessellations, tilings and patterns, as the basis for his vertical mosaic murals, stained glass, and horizontal decorative paving. The art of colour and form are enhanced by the individual shapes within each pattern.

Designer Gates

Adrian Fisher has pioneered the use of Maze Gates, to add to the puzzlement of each maze.  


With up to a dozen gates in a hedge maze or panel maze, there can be a distinctly different maze puzzle each day of the week.  Thus if you return to the maze a different day, your confusion gets worse;  what was a correct North-South path one day can become a South-North path the next day.  its puzzlement becomes daily ever more baffling!


Maze Gates enhance the theme and storyline of each maze.  Each custom-designed metal gate is a separate decorative opportunity to convey aspects of the story, whether animals two by two entering Noah's Ark, 19th century agricultural equipment, or royal jubilee occasions.  Their metalwork greatly adds to the character and enjoyment of each hedge maze or panel fence maze.


Some of Adrian's maze gates form a visual maze design in the own right, thus providing a further reason to linger and solve the puzzle.

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