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Mirror Maze Adventures

Lights, sound effects, surprises, story-line, action!

With its reflecting walls, each mirror maze seems six times larger than it really is. Impossible passages trick the eye and there appear to be choices in all directions. Most of them are mere apparitions!


Our mirror maze adventures include an animatronic pre-show, several incomprehensible chambers, vertiginous drops, disorientating tunnels and a close encounter within the void of space.

They appeal to every age group, from small children to grandparents – in fact anyone with an inquisitive mind who wants to discover what's around the next corner.

Hedge Maze Adventures

Hedge mazes evolved from the knot gardens of Renaissance Europe, originally being intended not to confuse, but to provide a unicursal walking path through the landscape.


Puzzle-like hedge mazes arrived in the eighteenth century and have been providing amusement and aesthetic pleasure ever since. Historically, they have enhanced the gardens of some of the world's finest palaces, as well as featuring in popular culture via Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter.

Our Hedge Maze Adventures offer a contemporary take on the traditional hedge maze, featuring fountains, waterfalls, towers, bridges, tunnels and grottoes to create a high capacity, custom-designed and immersive three-part attraction.

Panel Mazes

Our Panel Mazes of wooden fencing are the world's most ambitious, with multi-level bridges and towers, varied activities, and designs that change from day to day.

"Adrian Fisher's mazes are the Rolls Royce of the labyrinth world, having depth of design and creativity which others do not remotely approach."

-Commodore Laurie Brokenshire CBE, Royal Navy, Associate of the Inner Magic Circle, and one of the world's top 10 puzzle collectors;

Water Mazes

Water is always fascinating in the landscape. There are many ways of combining water with the fun and puzzlement of a maze. Each of our mazes is custom-designed, with imagination and creativity. Here are just a few examples of their possible variety and diversity.

The Beatles Maze was one of the most popular elements in the 1984 Liverpool International Garden Festival, welcoming one million visitors in seven months.

It featured a pool containing brick paths in the shape of an apple (the Beatles' logo), and an 18 ton 51 foot long yellow Submarine with twin spiral staircases and 22 foot long conning tower.

It was built by apprentices at the cammell laird submarine yard, and even its interior was authentically like that of a submarine.

the maze was opened by Her Majesty The Queen and won two gold medals.

Paving Mazes

A maze is just as effective when created as paving in two dimensions to be walked upon and seen from high vantage points. With no vertical barriers, it is a space for informal enjoyment and play, and opens up views across the landscape.

Laid as continuous areas of paving, Mazes and Labyrinths enliven atriums and concourses, as well as outdoor courtyards. Contrasting colours of marble, stone, brick or tiles achieve each precisely intended character.

Adrian has also pioneered the "Path in Grass" method, where stone or brick paths replace the grass path of the traditional turf labyrinth.

"Adrian Fisher built the Archbishop's Maze at Greys Court in 1981. He would not say the same, but I think it is his masterpiece. Never before or after I walked a labyrinth, where my soul and body moved in such a harmony"

-Gernot Candolini, Austrian author of various books on Labyrinths

Maize Mazes

With miles of paths, Maize Mazes are challenges on a hitherto unprecedented scale.

Adrian designed the world's first cornfield Maize Maze in 1993. He has designed hundreds since, setting six Guinness World Records for ever larger mazes.

"Adrian Fisher sets the world standard by which all other maize mazes are compared."

-Terry Gahm, EG's Pumpkin Farm Inc, Iowa, USA

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